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Build Confidence

Build confidence in your coaching practice, skills, and abilities, through individualized one-on-one mentor coaching.

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Develop Competence

Develop competence in core competencies with our Mentor Coaching Practicum and get answers with our Coaching Skills Booster Call.

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Foster Courage

Foster courage to do the hard work of building your practice with the Grow Your Business Group, specific for practice builders.

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Coaching Corner Pieces

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What it takes to build confidence as a professional coach

Watch this short video of Cheryl explaining why mentor coaching is so important.



Listen to a highly competent MCC coaching demonstration

Listen as Cheryl coaches a client through a real life business situation, demonstrating progress in as little as six minutes.



Starting a coaching business takes courage -- avoid the pitfalls

Explore the Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Coaching Business in this free PDF report.


Cheryl is a master at her craft! She proved to be exactly what I was looking for in a mentor coach. An expert who provided the necessary sharpening and stretching I needed in my final push to reach International Coach Federation certification.

Steven Pylypiak, Section Chief, International & Interagency Support Team
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Cheryl’s Story

While battling Lyme, my husband came home from a coaching workshop and declared to me “you are a coach!” I didn’t understand what he was saying. He asked me to read a book called Co-Active Coaching. By the time I was half through I realized, this is who I have been my whole life.

At the time there were only 2 Christian coach training schools in the country. I made two key decisions: 1) That I would align with ICF core competencies and 2) That I would be a Master Certified Coach within 10 years. The Lord has graciously allowed both to happen.

I now have a quest to see Christian coaches excel in their practice as professionals. Often our training stops with our education. And really, that is just when it all begins with coaching. The first thing I did when I became a coach, was hire a coach. This decision accelerated my growth in all areas of my professional development – skills, confidence and business growth.

If you are ready to master your craft, I am interested in helping you.

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