COVID-19 has drastically impacted all of our lives, including the lives of your clients. In the video below, I will share two quick tips with you to help you navigate your client relationships in the midst of the uncertainty of the Coronavirus.

Impact of COVID-19

Take a moment to think about how the COVID-19 has impacted your life and your business. How has COVID-19 also affected the lives of your clients?

There were two tips I shared with you to help your client relationships in these uncertain times (see the video above!) The first tip is so important. As you prepare for your coaching session, make sure to build in time for “clearing” at the beginning of your call.


What does this mean? Your client is stepping into your coaching session from their lives. In this time in our world, COVID-19 could be putting a roadblock in the way for your client that might keep your call from being fully successful. The client might not need to talk about this, but make sure to have the space to check in with them, to see how they and their loved ones are doing.

Are You Available?

The second tip is just as important. Be available to your clients. These uncertain times are difficult for everyone. Clients might not be as diligent in keeping their calendars up to date or in keeping appointments with you. This is not the time to be hard on your clients but time to show that you are for and with them. Be as flexible and gracious as you can be in rescheduling or being available to your clients. This builds trust and will only add to the value of your coaching relationship as time moves forward.

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