What percentage of your marketing strategy is focused on a transaction rather than the relationship itself?

As a coach, you are in a relationship based business. Therefore it takes intentionality and even creativity to effectively market your business. A transactional approach is easier to implement but may not be effective for client acquisition and retention. Clients are hiring you. They will need to get to know you before they begin a business relationship with you. They will not be able to get to know you well through a transactional marketing approach.

Quality over Quantity

Through relational marketing, clients will get to know you while they consider working with you. This strategy will likely take more time on the front end and require more intentionality and thought. It will, however, prove to be more beneficial for your clients and your business. Your clients want to know and trust who they will be working with. Because you are in a relationship based business, it is important for this to happen. So, relationally focused marketing might take more time. Don’t let that steer you away! This strategy will actually save you time and energy in the early stages of the client relationship. The client will know you and even have a level of trust as you begin a coaching relationship.

What’s the Tip?

Here’s the main idea: review your full marketing strategy for your business. Evaluate how much of your marketing strategy is automated or transactional versus relational. This will allow you to see the areas that may need to be adjusted to become more relational. Because of this, your business will have room for growth. New clients get to know you through connection rather than transaction.

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