We’ve been talking about client relationships. Now let’s talk about you as the coach. We face adversity at all points in life and in business. Even now, adversity is all around as we face the impact of COVID-19.

Developing Resilience as a Coach

Your resilience, as a coach, is not born in a classroom or in the beginning of your life. Resilience is born in the sting of failure and in the victory of learning from that failure. From difficult client sessions to major business struggles, we have to let resilience stem from mistakes and failings.

Learn Something New

If you are asking where to start, I have a tip for you. Be willing to try and fail at something new every day. As you practice this, you expand your resilience and what you will be able to tolerate as you face adversity. Fear of failure cannot be the authority that keeps you from trying. A simple way to activate this is to simply change your questions. Instead of asking: What if this does not work? You can ask: What if it did work? You could even ask: What could happen if I succeeded?

Key Takeaway

Resilience is born out of adversity. So, the challenge is, in a wise sense, face adversity head on in your business. Each day, step out of your comfort zone to try something new. As you do this, you will find that you are building your resilience and tolerance for more risk. This is how your business will grow. It’s not a mailing list that will make the difference or the number of classes you take. Your business will grow as you push yourself out of your comfort zone and step into new possibilities for yourself and your business.

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