The last few months, we have been building on the concept of stronger client relationships. Especially as you and your clients continue to face the impact of COVID-19, those relationships become even more important. Of course, these are important for you as a business owner looking to maintain and even grow your business in these uncertain times. These relationships are also important to your client as they face heavy loads and burdens during this time as well, and we need to be prepared to meet people where they are at.

Using Your Message to Meet People Where They’re At

In beginning to explore this further, let’s talk about meeting people where they are with your messaging. As you meet with clients, potential clients, or even others at networking events, here’s a question to ponder: What can you say that will both reflect who you are and connect with people right where they are at? This is instrumental in building the foundation of a client relationship and, even broader, developing your coaching practice.

Relational Connection > Marketing Strategies

We touched on this topic in April as we talked about the value of relational marketing over transactional marketing. If you watch the video below, you will hear me talk about how one small decision to connect was the difference in conversion for me at one particular event. The newsletters, social media, and speaking engagements are all good and important! Going beyond that is the question: What are you doing to create a message that meets a person, not just a people group, right where they are at?

Key Takeaway

My challenge for you is to consider spending time developing your message and creating the space for that connection to happen. You don’t need to hide behind your website, email or all social media platforms – get into conversations with people! Meet others right where they are at with a message that connects your heart with theirs. This is what will start to build your business… quickly!

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