As we worked a bit on some self-training strategies, I wanted to offer one more around focusing on the client. We talked about how many words are required for you to be able to summarize what you are hearing. Another strategy was around how many details you need to really understand what the client is wanting to work on. These two strategies were meant to pull you away from the client for a moment. This next strategy is meant to be implemented in a client facing scenario.

Build Your Self-Check Sheet

Start by making a three-column sheet to self-assess your session with a client. These columns will be “Problem”, “Past” and “Person”. You can do this digitally, draw it out, or use ours! As you progress through your client session, start noting how much of your direct communication or your questions is focused on the problem or the past. Also note how much of your communication is focused on the person, or the client, him or herself. As you make your statements or ask your questions, write down which column it fits into.

Two Options for Self-Check

If it is too much for you to navigate this during a client session, try recording a session. After the session is over, watch/listen back to your time with the client and then begin placing your statements or questions into the categories they align with. You might be surprised with your results and your sheet when you are finished! With either option, you will be able to self-assess where your focus is during your client sessions.

Today’s Takeaway

What were your results? What tweaks do you need to make to your communication or your questions during coaching sessions to focus more on the client rather than the past or the problem that the client is addressing? Keep reusing these sheets from this tip in sessions in the future to make sure you are still on track with what you want to be focusing on during client sessions. Hope this is a helpful tool for you!

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