We know that following up and following through are important factors in owning and growing our businesses.

Don’t Stop After Networking!

It might feel like making the initial connection and having the conversation with a potential client or possible partnership is the goal. You might say “If I can just meet more people and have conversations with them, I’m in!” Or, you could have a full schedule and a full mind. You have the conversation, you make the connection, and then move on to the next thing and forget about the connection you just made. It is so important to have a plan. When you have a plan and these opportunities come up, nothing and no one will fall through the cracks. Going to the next level in your follow up and follow through is what will build your pipeline and your business. The connection and conversation is not enough to keep this strategy long term.

What Your Follow Up/Follow Through Plan Does

Having a strategy for following up with a connection and following through on promises you made during your conversation communicates:
1. Follow up shows that you do want to have the next level conversation with that person.
2. Follow through communicates that you are serious about engaging and partnering with that person.

If the conversation alone is not enough to grow your business, getting serious about your plan to follow up with clients is crucial. This plan does not need to be rigid or nagging, because no one wants to work with someone like that anyways. In the video below, I give a great example of how someone followed up with me. Her strategy didn’t make me feel guilty or put pressure to close the gap on my follow through. She gave me a strategy that made it easy for me to follow through on something that would benefit her and her business.

Today’s Takeaway

So, what does your follow up and follow through strategy look like? Do you have it written down and set in your mind ready for the next connection you make? Do you need to write something down when you are networking, or send yourself an email to remind you to follow up with that person? You brought value to that person in your initial conversation, which is why they were interested in connecting with you further. Think about what you can do to continue to add value to them as your follow up and follow through with them that would make them more like to want to work with you.

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