Have you wondered if you were truly cut out for being a coach? Or even wondered if there was ever going to be a point where you would feel like you have “arrived” as a coach? If you have, you are not alone! Even as an MCC coach with over 10,000 coaching hours, I still feel this way at times. With that, I want to share the piece of advice that I received early on in my training, that still impacts my business and mindset today.

Ready, Set, GO!

Once I decided to become a coach, I wanted to accelerate my success. I was working so hard to get ahead. Every class I took I was learning new things. As I learned more and more, I felt like I was getting further and further behind. I became so aware of what I didn’t know, and the little I did know did not seem like it was “enough” to move me forward.

Have I Arrived?

Coaching is does not have a board certification like many professions such as law or health professions. We do not have a milestone to reach where we’re able to say “Yes! I have arrived as a coach!”

So, here’s the piece of advice my instructor gave to me. She said, “Cheryl, the minute you feel as though you have arrived as a coach, you need to stop coaching”. As coaches, we are continually aiming at a moving target. This target is always going to be a little bit beyond our reach.

I Become a Coach When…

Even when I received my ICF ACC credential, I still did not feel like an official coach. Anyone can call themselves a coach! But here’s what shifted in me. I came to realize that my instructor was right. Each client brought in new experiences and opportunities. The client target was always moving and slightly beyond my grasp. The coaching industry is always evolving as well keeping me on my toes.

Knowing this, I started to relax in my own process. I stopped trying to prove myself to myself! This loosened me up to not focus on hitting the bullseye, but to keep aiming for the bullseye. As I do this, I continue to learn and continue to grow as a coach. My skills and knowledge is continually refined and sharpened and my clients reap the benefits of this in our coaching sessions.

I don’t arrive as a coach. If I were to believe I have arrived, I would begin to settle. My clients would begin to get bored, and my professional development would become stale. Instead, my greatest contribution to my clients’ success is my continued learning and growth as a coach.

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