Warning: Honest Conversation Ahead

The amount of content and resources now available for coaches is astronomical. Between books, courses, assessments, blogs, podcasts, programs, etc. the process of finding which tool to use next for your business has gotten so complicated. I want to help you make things less complicated for your business and share with you what I do that keeps my business successful.

You Are Never Done Growing Your Business

Because of this truth, there are only two directions your business can be going. Your business is either growing or it is stalling out. To talk about the keys to growing your business, let’s talk about what is not going to grow your business. The answer is NOT:

  1. Obtaining more knowledge
  2. Getting involved with more networking communities
  3. Tweaking your website for the 100th time
  4. Checking your Google Analytics
  5. Paying more money for SEO tracking
  6. Signing up for one more cloud-based system that will make your life easier as a coach
  7. Building another channel to communicate who you are as a coach

Everyone around you is going to try to sell you the latest and greatest solutions to problems that you don’t even know you have. What happens, then, is suddenly, a problem you did not know you had becomes a problem. This causes you to lose sight of your own journey, path and your definition of success and chase after solutions to these “new problems”.

What IS the Problem?

So, here’s the key:  determine what you actually need next to grow your business! Only you know what your business needs. None of the above programs or proposed solutions can solve the one problem that is keeping you from moving forward in growing your business.

The problem and solution is simple… Making a decision and sticking with it.

We make decisions all the time, but then we undo those decisions. For example, I decide I’m going to get in shape, and then I turn off my alarm on the morning I’m going to start going to the gym. Likewise, I decide I’m going to stop working on my business blog and focus on networking, but then someone suggests that I start a blog and I go back on my decision.

The Next Right Thing

What do we need to do with this knowledge? You have to determine the next best thing to do for your business, based on all the knowledge and resources you have now, taking into account the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

After you reflect on this question of the “next right thing”, you must make the decision to take a step or not to take a step. If, in reflection, you decide not to take a step, dive deeper. Explore the questions you might have, analyze what others are telling you, clarify your hesitation, but don’t stay here too long. Your business needs to you make a decision on something, stick to that something, and stay focused on that something. Decide. Stick. Stay focused.

Need some real life examples of how this plays out? Watch the video below to dive deeper!

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