Start Early

We recently launched our spring practicum with a full house. Seven coaches who recognize the importance of preparing for their ACC credential, renewal or PCC recording now as they look to their credential application filings later this year. The practicum itself is designed specifically to prepare for PCC applications. So, some of these brave coaches are really looking ahead.

That’s good planning!

In 2006, I found that I delayed my PCC application by several months simply because I hadn’t begun the process of securing assessment recordings early enough. I had waited until I had all my hours and then started the arduous process of recording client calls. My goal of having my MCC in ten years was in jeopardy simply because of a slight miss on prepping. We don’t want that to happen for you.

Whatever your objective is with renewing or advancing your credential, we have a few time saving tips to encourage you along in your professional development.

Recording Preparation

For ACC applications (not renewals) you need one recording and for PCC and MCC applications you need two recordings. The simple table below will help you to plan for time allotment to secure. Even if you are already coaching at the level you are applying, not all coaching sessions will demonstrate the required evidence. Plan ahead.

Hours Calculation

We recommend that you continue to update your hours on a quarterly basis. It’s really not that difficult! And it will encourage you that you are truly making progress towards your goal.

COVID19 Extension

ICF recently made it possible to apply for your ACC with less accumulated hours in a two-year period to previously required as noted on their website. What an excellent time to take advantage of securing your ACC if you have been delayed for any reason!

“Given the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our communities, countries and world, the ICF Credentials and Standards Board has temporarily approved an extension to client coaching experience recency requirements. If a coach applies for their ACC by December 31, 2021, their recency requirement for experience hours will be extended from 18 to 24 months. This is an extension from the previously announced temporary measure, which was set to end December 31, 2020. This means that at least 25 hours of coaching experience must have taken place within 24 months of submitting your application.”

Mentor Hours

Mentor coaching is only required for the following situations:
1. First time credential application with ICF (whether ACC, PCC or MCC)
2. ACC renewal
3. MCC first time application

Two types of mentor coaching are available per ICF requirements. The first is individual mentor coaching and the second is group mentor coaching, or what we call Mentor Coach Practicum.

There are pros and cons to each mentor coaching delivery modality. We have found some combination of both is typically most beneficial to coaches.

Was this information helpful to you? Planning in advance will save you time and stress when it comes time to renew your credential. What can you do to prepare for credential renewal early in the year?