Checking In Mid-Year on Your Business

Rather than focusing on an industry update this month, we will take a mid-year shift and focus on taking a quick inventory of where we are at with our own businesses. We hope that you will complete the 5 minute, anonymous survey below.

Often, we get going with our business development activities. One thing leads to another and we become very busy, but not necessarily very effective. Perhaps this simple mid-year check in will help you determine where you need to focus next to keep your business on track. The data will also help us to know how to keep our monthly bulletin relevant to your business needs.

Did you take the survey?

Thank you! We hope it helped you to connect back to your purposes and maybe lead to asking yourself some questions. Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about where to start with Mentor Coach Insights or determining a good next step for your business and/or professional development. Our Director of Operations, Brittany Thieman, can work with you to develop a possible next step game that might include Coach’s Edge, Mentor Coach Practicum, free training resources, etc.  Hope to talk soon!

What about for your clients?

Just as can happen with us, our clients can lose sight of their goals, their path forward. Their head has been down for a long time and they are rapidly transition to the summer months and new rhythms with their families. There doesn’t seem to be much time to think and plan and ironically, this time of year, post May madness, can leave a client feeling quite restless and depleted. 

Mid-Year Check in for Clients

As a coach, we want to be sensitive not just to the client context but the calendar context on behalf of our clients. A mid-year check in can be a powerful tool for the client to allow them to catch their breath, recalibrate their activities/plans and create some outlets for potentially much needed down time to reconnect to themselves. 

Partner with the Client in the Check-In Process

As with all coaching, if we want to introduce a new concept or process to the coaching engagement, get permission from your client first. Perhaps close a session by asking if they would be interested in doing a higher level check in on the year which might include progress made since January, pain points currently experiencing and identifying the current path they are on towards their longer terms goals and if it still seems like the best path to take.  If you’re client is amenable to the idea, perhaps you even send them an email with 2-3 questions to help them guide their thoughts as they emotionally and mentally prepare for that call. In the true spirit of coaching, maybe you can even design those questions together!

Thanks for reading!

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