Throughout our Grow Your Business course, we journeyed through the coaching fundamentals of establishing your identity to mastering marketing, converting prospects into clients, and refining your value proposition. Now, we arrive at a crucial topic: building client stickiness. Ensuring your clients stick with you over the long haul is essential for a stable and successful coaching business. Let’s explore how to achieve this.

The Courage to Stay Sharp

Building client stickiness hinges on your courage as a coach. A piece of wisdom from a seasoned business professional highlights this: “You should always be one question away from being fired as a coach.” This might sound counterintuitive, but it underscores the need for maintaining a sharp edge in your coaching. Always pushing boundaries, asking tough questions, and driving meaningful progress keeps your coaching dynamic and effective.

Crafting a Solid Coaching Agreement

A robust coaching agreement is the foundation of a sticky client relationship. This document sets the stage for your entire coaching journey, outlining expectations and goals. Regularly revisiting this agreement ensures that it evolves with your client’s needs and progress. If clients lose sight of their goals or feel their needs have shifted, revisiting the coaching agreement can realign and refocus the relationship.

Quarterly Engagement Reviews

Quarterly reviews are another vital component of maintaining client stickiness. Every three months, take a moment to assess the logistics of your coaching engagement. This includes the frequency and duration of sessions and the evolving nature of your relationship. Adjustments based on these reviews can keep your coaching relevant and tailored to your client’s current circumstances and preferences.

Building and Leveraging Trust

As trust builds over time, your clients may invite more direct feedback and deeper engagement. This growing trust allows for a higher degree of challenge and support, making your coaching more impactful. By leveraging the history you share with your clients, you can remind them of their progress and previous successes, reinforcing their growth and resilience.

Staying Current and Innovative

To keep your coaching sessions fresh and engaging, stay updated with new approaches and tools relevant to your industry. Introducing these new concepts can help clients articulate their experiences and challenges more effectively. For instance, the “Gap and the Gain” concept offers clients a new perspective on their progress, encouraging them to focus on achievements rather than shortcomings.

Creating Unpredictable, Dynamic Sessions

Maintaining an element of unpredictability in your coaching sessions keeps clients engaged and looking forward to their next meeting. While you have a framework for each session, being fluid and responsive to your client’s immediate needs can make each interaction feel unique and valuable.

The Essence of Building Client Stickiness

Ultimately, building client stickiness results from a combination of a well-structured coaching agreement, regular engagement reviews, deepening trust, staying current with industry developments, and maintaining dynamic, responsive sessions. By following these principles, you can foster long-lasting, meaningful relationships with your clients, ensuring their continuous growth and the stability of your coaching business.

Remember, the journey of coaching is as much about your growth as it is about your clients’. Stay courageous, keep refining your skills, and your clients will stick with you, valuing the unique and powerful journey you offer them. If you want access to our full course, register today and start moving your business forward! For just $90 one time, you will learn:

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