Building Client Stickiness: The Path to Long-term Coaching Success

Throughout our Grow Your Business course, we journeyed through the coaching fundamentals of establishing your identity to mastering marketing, converting prospects into clients, and refining your value proposition. Now, we arrive at a crucial topic: building client stickiness. Ensuring your clients stick with you over the long haul is essential [...]

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Becoming Unoffendable in Coaching and Discipleship

Becoming unoffendable in our coaching and discipleship is a game-changer that has the potential to transform our coaching businesses, our relationships with clients, and our impact on the Kingdom of God. Let’s explore what it means to be unoffendable, how it influences our coaching, and how we can embrace this [...]

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Prioritizing Respect Over Likability in Coaching

In the dynamic world of professional Christian coaching, building a successful and lasting relationship with your clients goes far beyond the desire to be liked. While the camaraderie and rapport between a coach and a client are essential, the true foundation of a transformative coaching experience lies in prioritizing respect [...]

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Marketing: How to Set Up an Email Newsletter

Marketing can be an overwhelming topic for small business owners. Even reading the title of this article, you might've taken a deep breath and second-guessed clicking to open the full article. This response is understandable. Marketing changes regularly, and it can feel daunting to keep up with trends and industry [...]

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How To Dig Deeper in Coaching Sessions

Think of a time when you felt like someone listened to you well. What did they hear you say that surprised you? Let’s get to the punchline at the very beginning of this article. Simply put, coaches need to listen well. To help clients build a strong relationship with themselves, [...]

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How To Keep Coaching Sessions Fresh for the Client?

We talked about this topic a little bit in a previous article, How to Keep Clients for the Long-Term. If you have not read that one, you might want to go back and look at that. Now, to dive specifically into keeping coaching sessions fresh for the client. You likely have [...]

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How to Keep Your Clients for the Long Term

Here's the thing. We think that having a three or six-month relationship with a client is a good thing. And I will tell you unless a client is coming to you for a very specific reason, which would generate a short-term engagement, this is not a good thing for the [...]

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From Chaos to Order: Taking Back Your Email Inbox

New Year - Fuller Inbox The scene is all too familiar. It’s the first Monday of the new year, and you’ve stepped back into your office for the first time since the start of the holidays. Your office is clean and organized (thanks to your end of the year business [...]

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Do your business processes reflect the relational nature of your coaching practice?

The average coaching practice incorporates five critical connection points with clients: 1. Prospect Interactions2. Scheduling3. Coaching Documentation4. Invoicing/Payments5. Periodic Follow-ups Each of those connection points becomes a potential relationship builder for you and the person you are interacting with. If we look at business processes as a purely “execution, get it done, [...]

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