Q&A for Credential Renewals & Upgrades

Below you will find answers to the most common questions I am asked about credential renewal. I’ve spoken to several coaches just in the past week who are trying to decide their best path forward. Congratulations on taking the time/thought to put a plan together that works best for you! Q&A for those [...]

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Noticing Patterns in Client Relationships

After you have been coaching an individual client for a while, or you have a growing client base, it is important to pause periodically and reflect on the health of those relationships. You should look for patterns that may not be sustainable long term. These patterns may not be serving [...]

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The Curse of Too Many Details in a Coaching Session

The Web of Details How do you navigate the myriad details a client brings to a conversation? Often, I'll hear coaches getting caught in the web of details. The web begins with coaching through tangential information and losing sight of the agreement for the call. In this brief article, I [...]

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Preparing for Credential Renewal Starts Now

Start Early We recently launched our spring practicum with a full house. Seven coaches who recognize the importance of preparing for their ACC credential, renewal or PCC recording now as they look to their credential application filings later this year. The practicum itself is designed specifically to prepare for PCC [...]

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The Only Reason Your Coaching Business is not Growing

Warning: Honest Conversation Ahead The amount of content and resources now available for coaches is astronomical. Between books, courses, assessments, blogs, podcasts, programs, etc. the process of finding which tool to use next for your business has gotten so complicated. I want to help you make things less complicated for [...]

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