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Resilience is Born out of Adversity

We've been talking about client relationships. Now let's talk about you as the coach. We face adversity at all points in life and in business. Even now, adversity is all around as we face the impact of COVID-19. Developing Resilience as a Coach Your resilience, as a coach, is not [...]

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Marketing Your Business: Transactional vs Relational Coaching

What percentage of your marketing strategy is focused on a transaction rather than the relationship itself? As a coach, you are in a relationship based business. Therefore it takes intentionality and even creativity to effectively market your business. A transactional approach is easier to implement but may not be effective [...]

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Who’s In Control?

Have you experienced a client session that seemed to be a game of tug of war with the client? If you, haven't chances are that you will at some point. Who's In Control of the Session? Let's first identify the characteristics of this client situation. Then we can look at [...]

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COVID-19 and Your Clients

COVID-19 has drastically impacted all of our lives, including the lives of your clients. In the video below, I will share two quick tips with you to help you navigate your client relationships in the midst of the uncertainty of the Coronavirus. Impact of COVID-19 Take a moment to think [...]

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