Building Client Stickiness: The Path to Long-term Coaching Success

2024-05-24T08:53:25-04:00By |

Throughout our Grow Your Business course, we journeyed through the coaching fundamentals of establishing your identity to mastering marketing, converting prospects into clients, and refining your value proposition. Now, we arrive at a crucial topic: building client stickiness. Ensuring your clients stick with you over the long haul is essential [...]

Becoming Unoffendable in Coaching and Discipleship

2024-04-23T22:21:31-04:00By |

Becoming unoffendable in our coaching and discipleship is a game-changer that has the potential to transform our coaching businesses, our relationships with clients, and our impact on the Kingdom of God. Let’s explore what it means to be unoffendable, how it influences our coaching, and how we can embrace this [...]

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