Coaches need to hear from experts in and outside of coaching.

We have put together a very specific Summit for you!

This is a one day Summit with all content available for a week afterwards. This event will include experts in:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Corporate Clientele
  • MCC level Coaching

We want to help you take some of the complexities out of running a small business so that you can be more confident in your ability to take your business to the next level.
Each presentation will be 20 minutes long and include a short Q&A session to make the time go fast yet be relevant to your needs. Each presenter will have a unique approach to delivering their content to keep the day fresh and invigorating for you.

Each topic will be highly relevant yet approached from an angle that, after 17 years in this industry, Cheryl has not seen taken before. If you are needing a quick and practical shot in the arm to help your business succeed at the
next level, this could be the best event you register for all year.

Here are a few questions you will get answered:
1. How do I secure a large client such as a university?
2. What are corporations looking for in coaches?
3. What are the most important things I need to think about related to finances?
4. Why do I feel so stuck with marketing my business?
5. How do I transition fully from being a counselor to being a coach?
6. How do I make sure that I don’t lose sight of myself and my needs as I try to build this business?
7. How do I make technology my friend when it feels like my enemy?
8. How I ever get to the point where I have more than a handful of clients?
9. How do I become more brave in my coaching relationships?

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Meet Your Presenters

Presenter Bio

Pamela has a passion for helping others understand and personalize the revelation of all we get “in Christ”. She has operated her own sales company in high tech electronics for 35 years. She is an ICF ACC certified life coach, Strengths Champion, and Quality Improvement Coach through Dartmouth Microsystems Academy. She is the Founder of BluePrint Life Leadership Life Coaching.

Presenter Bio

Michael Powers has a passion for helping leaders continue to take their next best step upward. His unique blend of thinking and business scars and successes helps others find clarity, connection, and cohesion. He’s a trusted advisor to CEO’s, executives, and leadership teams in Nashville and across the country.

Presenter Bio

Jay Parks is a 34 year public CPA serving small businesses and their relationship with their money and their taxes.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Andrew Gorter, PCC, D.Min. is a leadership coach with a passion for navigating the interpersonal challenges of leadership. He earned a doctorate in family therapy and has over 30 years experience working with leaders to build trust, elicit true buy-in, and inspire vision in the people and organizations they lead.

Presenter Bio

Jordan Mercedes is an Executive Coach, coach educator, and mentor. She has over fifteen years of experience working with clients, supporting them in next-level growth, vision realization, and sustainable personal and corporate leadership. She is driven to help leaders and organizations make the necessary heart-and-head connection, so they can have the impact they want to have with their teams, in their companies, and in the world.

Presenter Bio

Over the past 20 years, Amy has owned, managed, and helped organizations transition from a struggling business to a profitable one. She has launched product lines, started businesses from the ground up, and helped lead floundering businesses to a brighter future. Amy strives to help organizations understand the root of their business challenges and eliminate the waste of trial and error.

Presenter Bio

Nicki has been helping businesses leverage IT to their advantage for the last 6 years, ranging from quick tech support to complete system overhauls. She is currently the IT and Operations Director for Way of Life Coaching LLC, and also helps coaches all over the country make technology work for their businesses.

Presenter Bio

Wende is an executive and leadership coach who helps leaders develop their business and their people. Wende’s clients are executives and leaders building skills in leadership presence, EQ, personal and team effectiveness. As a trainer and facilitator, she teaches coaching skills and facilitates leadership workshops to a wide range of companies and leaders.

Presenter Bio

Katie Champagne is a business advisor with the SBTDC in Raleigh, NC where she supports entrepreneurs and business owners in building and growing successful businesses.

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