ICF Approved CCEs

Earn up to 34 CCEs of live training annually. With the Adventurer Membership access an additional 100+ hours of content through the On-Demand Library.

Content is based on the needs of our community, and is immediately applicable to your business and client sessions. Coaches and clients can experience something new and refreshing in sessions, ensuring you bring the highest value to those relationships.

Focused Business Growth

It doesn’t have to be so hard to build your business. Coach’s Edge meets you where you’re at to help you know what to do next and experience real growth as a result.

You’ve been called to be a coach. You’re not necessarily a strong business person. That’s okay. Coach’s Edge fills in specific knowledge and confidence gaps, so you can truly enjoy stepping fully into your calling as a coach.

Interactive Community

Coach’s Edge is a live, interactive applied learning community. It’s the place where you go for the guidance and accountability to stay the course in coaching.

Coaching can be lonely, but Coach’s Edge can help! The Coach’s Edge community is the go-to place for quick problem solving, business development ideas, community support, guidance and accountability. You can grow your skills and grow your business without feeling alone.

About Coach’s Edge

Beginning coaching does not necessarily mean you feel confident as a coach. Coach’s Edge helps bring high value to every client experience because your confidence is growing. You will begin to understand not only the true power of your calling but a deeper confidence in who YOU are as a coach.

Results from Members

The #1 concern facing coaches is lacking confidence as a coach. Not only is our community seeing a 100% improvement in coach confidence for survey respondents, off-roaders are also experiencing some impressive business growth statistics. Grow your confidence, grow your business.

respondents are more confident as coaches!
respondents increased their rates
respondents negotiated new business
respondents increased client retention
respondents have greater clarity in their business

Mark Ross – Encore Coach

Georgia Shaffer – Life Coach

Scott Frickenstein – Leading by Design, WeAlign, LLC

Jennifer Grote – Strengths Champion Certified Coach | Certified Integrative Health Coach

Andrew Gorter – Plus One Coaching

Coach’s Edge® offers 34 hours of ICF approved CCE’s annually, including 3 ethics hours.


Got questions? We’ve got answers…

Coach’s Edge is an experiential learning environment ideal for certified or credentialed coach entrepreneurs as well as internal company coaches. If you desire to grow your confidence and increase your proficiency as a coach in a challenging yet supportive environment, then Coach’s Edge is for you.

Coach’s Edge Success Path

There are four key offerings as follows:

  • Monthly Advanced Skill Mastery calls
  • Monthly Round Tables
  • Quarterly Coaching Demonstrations
  • Annual Ethics course

Both the Advanced Skill Mastery Call and Round Table are offered later in the day to accommodate work schedules.

For more specific offering schedules and example topics, take a look at the Event Overview.

Yes, 34 CCE’s are offered each year. Over the course of two years, you have opportunity to earn 68 CCE’s. You are required to renew your credential with 40 CCE’s. In a single year, we offer CCE’s of 16 hours of Core Competencies and 15 hours of Resource Development hours as well as the ICF required 3 Ethics CCE’s. Certificates are provided for completed units. For more information on what ICF accepts as CCE’s, please visit ICF Credential Renewal.

No sweat. All content is recorded and stored in the on-demand library.

Adventurer members will have access to all on demand content. Please note: If you join Coach’s Edge as an Explorer member and desire to upgrade your membership to obtain access to the on demand library, you will only be able to upgrade your membership during the open membership period in March and September.

We are really excited about this offering. A survey is available to members to complete in advance of the 90-minute video call. Two topics will be addressed at each of the ten 90-minute roundtable meetings. The topics will focus on targeted and specific business development concerns in addition to working through client acquisition and retention challenges that we all face in the building of our business.

Additionally we’ll focus on your client specific dilemmas and relevant industry updates on each call.

We were built for relationships. We believe building our businesses is much more effective if done in the context of relationships, even as we each do our own work.

We are not equipping you for your initial credential nor certifying you; we are helping you to maintain your current credential level as you grow your business in a supportive community so you don’t have to spend so much time and money taking care of CCE’s. We are a one-stop shop. Our hope is that in addition to Coach’s Edge, you will be returning to your school of choice to complete the education hours required for advanced credentials. Of course, you can always use your CCE’s from Coach’s Edge towards those education requirements if you plan to apply the portfolio track.

Mastermind groups tend to be smaller and more strategically formed groups in which individuals move through specific content and have time in a “hot seat” as they work through critical issues with the opinions and feedback of other’s in the group. This is why it is called a mastermind group – minds are coming together to create a “master” mind of support and ideas. It also typically involves travel for a periodic (often monthly) in person meeting to fulfill group attendance requirements. Additionally, the cost is upwards of $600.00 – $1000.00 per month to participate.

Our approach is less intense and everything happens virtually. Additionally, the content is three-fold in nature and predefined to some degree:

  1. Boosting skills to create more satisfying and higher value client relationships
  2. Targeted conversations that help us grow our businesses through small, incremental and intentional steps – you will leave each round table call with very specific and personalized steps to take.
  3. Make credential renewal easy – providing critical elements of renewal in a one stop-shopping environment.

Yes!  You can join with a six month Explorer membership to get a taste of Coach’s Edge without jumping in with the full year commitment.  The Explorer membership gives you access to all live events as you check out our community!

Note: To gain access to the on demand library, community Facebook group, Mentor Coaching Practicum discount,  and to submit Round Table questions you will want to become an Adventurer member.

Your membership will last for either six months (for Explorer memberships) or for a year (Adventurer), at which time you may choose to cancel your membership.

The coach success path is the guide to helping you grow as a coach while you are also growing your business. By identifying your starting point and your desired destination, you can begin to follow the remainder of the success path to reach your set goals.

Coach’s Edge Success Path

Thank you for asking! Referrals are an ideal way to build a quality community of dedicated professionals like yourself.  Simply send them to this page and they can join the wait list to be notified when registration opens!

How We Do It

Through monthly events, you will go beyond the rules of coaching and to the nuances that add real value to your client relationships, create a personalized critical path for business growth, and learn from MCC level coaching demonstrations and interactive debriefs. For Adventurer Memberships, the On-Demand Library offers 70+ hours of content creating flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule.

Monthly Events

We conduct live, monthly events to help build your competence and confidence as a coach and business owner.

Event Overview

Success Path

The Coach’s Edge Success Path shows the steps you need to take to grow as a coach while also growing your business.

Success Path

Which Coach’s Edge® membership is right for you?

Features & Benefits Explorer Adventurer
Live Monthly Calls
“Let’s Get Real” Video Tips
Industry Updates and Credentialing Support
Mentor Coaching Bulletin with Coaching Tips
Private Facebook Group
Round Table Topic Input
On-Demand Library
Mentor Coaching Practicum Discount


$97monthly fee
  • 6 Month Membership with Access to Live Events Only
  • Access to Private Facebook Group


$117per month for 12 months or $1197 annually
  • Annual Membership with FULL Access to All Live and Recorded Events!
  • Access to On-Demand Recordings Library and Private Facebook Group
  • Includes Exclusive Mentor Coaching Practicum Discount
  • Save Over $200 by paying for the year upfront!

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