Discipleship Coaching Training

Course Title: Discipleship Coaching
When: Wednesdays, March 6th – April 24th (8 weeks)
Time: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm ET with an optional Q&A from 9:00 – 9:30 pm ET
Cost: $1,000

Course Outline:
March 6th: Becoming unoffendable
March 13th: Detaching from observation
March 20th: Simplifying questions
March 27th: Creating appropriate space for story
April 3rd: Inviting bravery
April 10th: Setting up coaching ‘moments’
April 17th: Creating a very personal and powerful virtual group coaching environment
April 24th: Preparing ourselves for the future

Total Hours:

  • 12 hours synchronous; 16 hours synchronous if including Q&A
  • 8 hours asynchronous

Homework: There will be homework every week which will consist of practice (peer group), observation and journaling exercises typically requiring 30-60 minutes of time. There will be no reading involved with this course.

Recording: This course will be recorded and used for future training. The course will go deep quickly, and the student should expect to experience a bit of overwhelm when hearing and practicing these concepts for the first time. Listening to the recording will permit a deepening of the learning.

Peer groups: By signing up for this course, you agree to be paired with another student and meet in between class meetings for a minimum of 30 minutes (preferably 1 hour) to ‘process and digest’ the material further. You and your peer group member will each complete a form after each peer group meeting, sharing what was explored and what learning was deepened.

Attendance: Please plan to be there for at least 7 of the 8 class meetings.


  1. Must have some type of listening/discipleship ministry (such as Stephen’s Ministry, Marriage Ministry, etc.), counselor, coach or other helps profession training.
  2. Must be considering exploring engaging with the ministry, Promised Land Living as a Volunteer in some capacity, Host for groups and/or Coach Presenter.

Please register early – we will have a maximum of 20 spots available.

Unless you believe you can attend at least 7 of the meetings, please do not register for this event.

By registering you agree to the following:

  1. To be recorded, knowing the training will be used in the future in various formats.
  2. To attend a minimum of 7 of the 8 class meetings.
  3. To meet with a peer group member 7 times for a minimum of 30 minutes each week.
  4. To practice the assignments outside of class for a minimum of 30 minutes each week.
  5. To show up on time and stay through the end of the class (9:00 pm ET).
  6. To have video on throughout the training.
  7. That you meet the prerequisites for registering as outlined above.