How can you be successful as a coach?

Are you unsure of whether or not you can be successful as a coach?

Are you overwhelmed by where and how to start moving your business forward?

What if investing 3 hours into your business now could mean 3 new clients sooner rather than later?

Welcome to our course: Six Critical Questions to be a Successful Coach!

The Six Critical Questions course was created to help you answer the pivotal questions around identity, niche, marketing, process, value proposition, and review of engagement. All of which are essential to have the answers to if you want to have a successful coaching practice. If implementing the strategies within this course lands you one new client, the course would pay for itself. Are you ready to increase your confidence and move toward success? Register now!

Here’s a glimpse into this course…

During this course, you will learn:

  • Why trying to sell coaching is going to stall your business
  • How to convert prospects to clients faster
  • How to increase your confidence in your business building efforts
  • How to remove resistance to make it easier for clients to work with you
  • Ditch the performance mindset that stresses you and the client out
  • Retain clients longer

About Your Instructor… Cheryl Scanlan

Cheryl Scanlan has been practicing her passion of coaching for the past 15 years. She is an MCC, BCC and CMCC certified coach. Cheryl is one of only a handful of coaches in the country who possesses these coaching designations.

As a natural teacher, Cheryl developed an ICF-approved coach training program that has deeply impacted its students and desires to help coaches gain confidence, improve their coaching competencies and obtain the courage to grow their coaching business.

Cheryl has personally trained over 2,000 coaches. Her combined business acumen and passion for the coaching industry have facilitated the development of confident ambassadors for Christ in both the corporate and ministry environments.

Frequently Asked Questions…

This course contains 6 modules. You can finish all modules in less than 3 hours.

This course is pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace! Start when you’re ready and work through the modules as quickly or slowly as you would like.

This course is a ONE-TIME fee. You will only pay for the course once to have access to it.

Our course is designed to be relevant for any coach that is serious about growing their businesses and better serving their clients. This course is for someone who is already coaching and wanting to build their practice. It’s also for the person who is thinking about coaching but wants to have their “ducks in a row” before they get started. Wherever you are on the continuum you can find content relevant to you, your business, and your coaching relationships.