We have been mentioning membership changes for awhile, and we’re so excited to finally begin rolling them out to you! Below are questions we thought would be most asked in the transition… If you have other questions, please submit them below so we can add them to the list. Thank you for being a part of our community!

We are simplifying the calendar for 1 event a month, alternating between a Round Table and a combo event of Coaching Demonstration and Advanced Skills Mastery. Each event will be 90mins, once a month. We will have 19 hours of live events for CCEs in 2023. The typical “rule” for events will be the third Monday of the month from 7:00-8:30pm ET. As we are still working out the kinks of the new calendar, 2023 will not follow this perfectly… It will still be one event each month (on a Monday), but will not always follow the rule exactly due to Cheryl’s calendar. We also will continue to have back-up dates for events should unforeseen circumstances arise.

The On-Demand Library will have 40 ICF approved CCEs for members to receive certificates. The ODL will still be accessible, but only those 40 hours will be ICF approved for CCEs. Each year, the 40 CCEs can change to have variety in what you listen to for your ongoing credential renewal needs. Events that are CCE approved will be designated by a tag for easy access. For 2023, the CCE Library holds 38 Core Competency CCEs and 2 Resource Development CCEs.

There will be 40 ICF approved CCEs in the On-Demand Library (Core Competency events) and 19 approved CCEs of live events throughout the year (2023). Round Table events will still be Resource Development events and the combo events (Coaching Demo and Advanced Skills Mastery) will be Core Competency. Total is 59 ICF approved CCEs for 2023.

Our Adventurer Membership will stay the same: Access to live events, the On-Demand Library, Facebook group, Member Connect Calls, and the Practicum discount.

Our Explorer Membership is changing to a Pathfinder Membership. Access will now be On-Demand Library ONLY. We will no longer have a live events only membership. The Pathfinder group will not have access to community or support features, just the On-Demand Library.

Short answer is yes. We will still reward our members and the coaches they refer to Coach’s Edge. We have not yet determined what that reward will look like. With the pricing changes, we will need to change the program accordingly. We will keep you updated as to what we have decided on this front.

Yes! This tool is there for you to use. We will not be pushing it twice a year as we have done in the past, but the tool is still there for you to use to assess where you are in your business. We are considering a way to incorporate the SFA into an annual event to keep it relevant and applicable to you.

No! To go along with the change we made in the Fall where you can cancel your membership or pause at any time, we will be leaving the doors to new members open all year. We will still be “pushing” for new members in March and September, but if someone is interested in joining the community during the rest of the year, we can privately onboard them and get them plugged in to the community right away. Your coach friends will no longer have to wait to join Coach’s Edge! They can join at any time.

We wanted to eliminate the overwhelming feeling of content overload. 175+ recordings in the On-Demand Library is a lot of content to sort through and 2-3 events a month is a lot to commit to! We also wanted to eliminate the notion that you have to “do everything” in the membership (live and recorded events) in order for it to be valuable. Membership is valuable even if you get one thing from a live or recorded event that gains you one new client or helps you retain a client for the long term.

We are making changes beginning in January. We will officially launch the “new” levels in March when we open the doors again to new members. January and February will have the same events you are used to, and then March will begin the shift of one event each month.

YES! With the adjustments to the membership, we also wanted to reduce the price. With less live events and fewer CCEs available, we wanted to lower the cost without undervaluing the content of the membership. Here is the new pricing structure for standard membership/new members:

Adventurer – $82/mo OR $835/yr

Pathfinder – $29/mo

Adventurer members will be the only level to have access to the Practicum discount.

No. As of July 2022, we have discontinued the Coaching Skills Booster Calls. We are replacing this event with a paid, recorded course that we will be producing early 2023. This will be the “front door” for people to connect with us before inviting them to join Coach’s Edge.

Other Questions? Share them below.

Membership Changes Questions