Way of Life Coaching, LLC dba C3 Advantage, Mentor Coach Insights, and Promised Land Living (“Way of Life Coaching”) is committed to protecting the privacy of our users.


This Privacy Policy explains how Way of Life Coaching handles and protects your information. It does not address how your information may be protected, used, or disclosed by anyone else with whom you choose to share it.


1. Information Collected from All Visitors to our Website

We may use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to help us verify your identity upon return visits to Way of Life Coaching, improve your user experience with our services, and improve and measure the effectiveness of our products. We may also use web beacons in communications with you to assure proper operation of the service, such as determining if a message to you was delivered and opened. We may also use third-party web analytic tools to analyze website traffic or improve our services. As an example of technologies we may implement, we may use cookies to determine which users will be asked to complete a particular survey.

We will not, however, use cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies to track users for targeted advertising, nor will we permit anyone else to do so.

As background, cookies are small text files that websites can send to your browser, which your computer stores, that can automatically collect server domain names, IP addresses, type of computer, type of browser, and information about what pages are visited. You can set your browser to decline cookies or notify you before accepting cookies, although if you decline them, the website may not function properly. Web beacons are small bits of code embedded in web pages or emails that can be used to communicate with cookies, count visitors, and understand usage patterns.

2. Information Collected from Users Who Choose to Create an Account

When you create a Way of Life Coaching account, you may be asked for certain personal information such as your name, address, phone, email address, etc. It is important that you provide accurate information to facilitate our communications with you. You will also create a password. We will protect this information, and we will use and disclose it only in the ways we describe in this Privacy Policy.
After you create an account, you may participate in “Community Discussion,” which may include web-based and/or telephone-based community discussions (including live video-conference and/or audio-conference discussions), group email messages, discussion archives, and other communications among users


Way of Life Coaching gives you important choices about controlling your personal information – whom you let see it, how much, and when. We encourage you to make these choices thoughtfully. Your choices include:

  • Whether you want to browse the website anonymously or create an account and provide us your personal information;
  • Whether you want to join any Community Discussion;
  • How much health or other personal information you want to share with other visitors and members through Community Discussion;
  • Whether you want to participate in surveys we may offer from time to time. The nature of the survey and the form in which the results will be disclosed will be explained to you in advance;
  • Whether you want to participate in any other opportunity we may offer to share your health or personal information with others. For example, if we think you have written something in a Community Discussion that would be particularly helpful to others facing the same issue, we may invite you to post an excerpt from your comments on our public website. Any such opportunity would be clearly explained to you in advance, and whether you decide to share your information would be entirely up to you;
  • Discontinuing active participation or closing your account at any time.


Routine Uses and Disclosures

  • We will use the information you provide to provide services to you.
  • If you post, participate, or otherwise share information to a Community Discussion composed of users who have elected to join that group, we will disseminate your post to all members of that group. In most cases, the information will be shared immediately, although, in unusual cases, a Community Manager might postpone or block a post, as explained in our Conditions of Use. Please be aware that, even without your permission, it is possible that recipients may disclose your information outside the group. You should thus exercise discretion when deciding how much information to share in Community Discussion.
  • We will record some or all Community Discussions. If you participate in any video- or audio-conference Community Discussions, your name, likeness, image, voice, appearance, and/or performance will be recorded and made part of the recording in which you appear (the “Product”). We will make the Product available to all current and future members of Way of Life Coaching.
  • We will fulfill directions you give us about sharing your information with others or posting it publicly. For example, if we give users discussing a specific topic an opportunity to share their insights with coaches working in that area, we will explain in advance how we propose to share the information, and users could choose whether or not to share in that manner.
  • We will use your contact information to communicate with you about your account or our services.
  • We will share some information with third parties (such as a technology vendor) in the course of running our business, subject to strict contract controls over how they protect, use, and disclose the information.
  • Statistical, anonymous information. We may create statistical, anonymous information about our users or web usage that is aggregated (grouped) and/or de-identified. This statistical, anonymous information does not identify you or any other specific individuals.
    • We may disclose or sell such statistical, anonymous information to third parties, such as companies that we partner with.


  • We will share your personally identifiable information with third parties or on the public portion of our website only as you specifically direct. We will clearly explain any such sharing opportunities to you in advance.
  • We will not use or disclose any of your personally identifiable information for marketing purposes, unless you specifically and explicitly consent. You also could withdraw your consent for future sharing at any time.


  • We will disclose information based upon a reasonable belief that the disclosures are required by law, including information requested via subpoenas and court orders.
  • We may report what appears to be illegal or fraudulent conduct to law enforcement authorities.
  • We may disclose information if we reasonably believe the disclosure is needed to respond to a threat of physical harm or to defend or assert legal rights.
  • If we were to transfer assets or operations in connection with a sale, merger, bankruptcy, or other transaction, we may transfer personally identifiable information to the merging or acquiring entity. If so, we would make a good faith effort to require that your personally identifiable information remains subject to essentially the same restrictions as in our Privacy Policy.

We will only disclose personally identifiable information about you in the ways we explain here.


You can view the information you have submitted into your active Way of Life Coaching account at any time. If you submitted information to us in any way other than through the website, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to give you access to your information upon request.


If you delete information from your Way of Life Coaching account, it becomes immediately inaccessible by you and cannot be viewed by any other user on the Way of Life Coaching website. Similarly, if you close your account, all of your information will become immediately inaccessible by you. For a limited time after data deletion or account termination, backup systems at Way of Life Coaching may still contain the data, although reconstructing it in an identifiable format might not be possible or feasible.

Information you have shared through Community Discussion is inherently different from information in your private account. Information in Community Discussion is generally visible immediately to all users in that community, and it may remain in their possession even if later you would prefer to delete it. As a general matter, when users close their accounts, we do not remove the information they previously posted to the Community Discussion from our website and archives. However, if you ever wish to submit to us a specific request to remove personally identifiable information you had previously shared with a Community Discussion, please e-mail us at [email protected]; provided, however, that we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to elect to either deny such request or to make commercially reasonable efforts to remove it.

Of course, if you have already shared information through Way of Life Coaching with third parties that have already saved it, the information will persist in their records. We do not have access to or control over anything you choose to share with third parties.


We are committed to maintaining the security of personal information. We use appropriate technical, administrative, and physical controls to protect personal information from loss, misuse, or alteration. If we share personal information with vendors, we subject them to strict contractual and legal controls regarding the protection, use, and disclosure of the information.

If we share anonymous or de-identified data with third parties, we will contractually require them to keep it in de-identified form and forbid them to make any attempt to re-identify the data or allow others to do so.

There is always some risk that unauthorized, wrongful, or illegal access to your information could occur or that data sent over the Internet could be intercepted. We urge you to take strong precautions to protect your password.


Through Way of Life Coaching, you can share information in online communities to learn from others and help others. The potential benefits of people sharing information with each other are tremendous. However, it is still important to take thoughtful steps to protect your own privacy and the privacy of other users. We encourage you to take these steps:

  • Choose your username with care. Don’t use your name, email address, or anything linkable to your name unless you want everything you post, and others post about you, to be identified with you.
  • Protect your password.
  • Don’t upload your picture unless you are certain you want it to be shared.
  • Consider the possibility that specific information you share may make it possible for others to guess your identity.
  • Be aware that although our Conditions of Use require users to respect the confidentiality of posts by other users within their community groups, it is possible that users might violate the Conditions and disclose your information outside the Way of Life Coaching website. Please keep that in mind as you decide what information to post.
  • If you post information about someone else, you must have that person’s prior permission, as explained in our Conditions of Use.


We will not post advertising on the Way of Life Coaching website. A user who attempts to post advertising on the website is violating our Conditions of Use and is subject to sanctions under the Conditions of Use.


At this time, children under the age of 18 cannot create Way of Life Coaching accounts. Parents may share information about their own children in accordance with the Conditions of Use.


This Privacy Policy describes the way that personal information of individual users is protected and handled. Businesses and professionals doing business with Way of Life Coaching should review the terms of any contractual or legal requirements applicable to them.


We may modify this Privacy Policy at any time, although we expect that most changes will only be editorial in nature or reflect changes in the services we offer. However, in the unlikely event that we would ever make material changes that would permit us to share your information more broadly than we have previously described, we would ask you to consent to the new Privacy Policy before it applied to you. If you did not consent, many of the features offered by the Site would be unavailable to you.


Way of Life Coaching welcomes your comments. If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or our information practices, please contact us at [email protected]. If you have technical or general support questions, please contact us at [email protected].

The current version of the Privacy Policy will be dated and posted here.


This Privacy Policy is effective May 8, 2018.